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is a fundamental breakdown of the rule of law and two back-to-back cases of sexual assault prevention officers being accused of sexual assault are not novelties, coincidences, or flukes, we have reached a tipping point on this issue. according to the pentagon's own calculations, an estimated 26,000 members of the military were sexually assaulted last year. that's a 35% increase from the year before. obviously, sexual assault is a problem in the general population in america, as well, but it is worse for women in the military. women in the military are more likely to be sexually assaulted than women who are not in the military. in the general population, it's estimated that about 17% of women are sexually assaulted at some point in their lives. for women in the military, that number could nearly double. and watch how it's being handled in the military. you start out with the pentagon's own estimate of 26,000 sexual assaults last year of those just over 3,000 were even reported. even fewer were fully investigated, and there were just 238 convictions out of 26,000 sexual assaults. when an institu
unintended from 1965 immigration law that inadvert antly disadvantaged irish nationals seeking to enter the united states and ever since that time, my predecessor on this committee, senator kennedy, sought to rectify it. and we had a series of programs, donnelly visas in 1988, the morrison visas in 1992, diversity visas in 1994, which we are terminating now with the request of many on the other side. we keep sunsetting the provisions and it creates disruption. we have similar programs with australia, chile, singapore, none of them have the same historic connection to the united states that ireland does. i thk the program is well crafted. two-year sunset would mean that we would -- by the time it got started up it would be over. may as well not have it. so i would just conclude by quoting somebody who is my mentor and idol in the senate who ran the committee so well for so long, i think his spirits hovering over the bill ase talk about, senator kennedy. he was a sponsor of the 1965 law which i mentioned inadvertently impacted the irish negatively. he said, in 2006, in 19 65, what we were
. is been criticized by republican lawmakers for his role in the supreme court ruling on civil rights law. iowa democrat tom harkin chairs the hearing. tennessee's lamar alexander is the top republican. we expect this to get underway in just a moment. live coverage here on c-span2. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> once again live on capitol hill as we await the start of the senate confirmation hearing and votes on president obama's pick for labor secretary, tom perez. right now holding the position in the justice department as the assistant attorney general for civil rights. we expect this to start in just a moment. very quickly, the u.s. house will be gaveling in this morning at kennedy. business will get underway at noon eastern. members will take a vote to fully repeal the nation's health care law. this would be the 37th attempt to repeal obamacare. you can see live coverage of that debate and vote on our companion network c-span beginning at noon eastern. the senate begins their day at 11 eastern. lawmakers are expected to debate the nomination of energy secretar
as administration took the .osition in favor of such a law it did not get the necessary support on the hill. it is something administration thinks would be appropriate. we have investigated aces on the basis of facts and not as a result of hollis he -- of policy. the facts and the law have dictated our actions in that regard. is that a hyperbole that this puts the american lives at risk? to was there any risk americans with information came out? >> i cannot answer that question. >> when you ask used yourself excused did it -- yourself when you didn't -- >> i do not know when it was. i have frequent contact with the media. i try to make sure that this investigation was seen as one that was independent to avoid the possibility of occurrence of the conflict. i made the determination to excuse myself. , isn the irs controversy any concern that criminal laws have been broken? if so, have you ordered an investigation? >> i have ordered an investigation to be begun. the fbi is coordinating with the justice department to see if any laws were broken in connection with those matters related to the ir
conversations with superintendents and law enforcement officials as well about how we can address this data integrity issue and how a school won't be hoisted by their own petard because they had the courage to collect the data when other schools kind of look the other way. so, again, it's a hard question to answer in ways that are other than anecdote. there have been survey data and things of that nature, but i feel uncomfortable saying unequivocally this is what we know, these are the trends. i like to be evidence based and i'm not sure the evidence allows that. >> roslyn, challenges to you and secretary duncan. >> for the first time you can see data for the first time about the -- discipline and students referred to law enforcement, suspensions more than once. on the bullying and harassment we are also collecting for the first time ever data on the number of incidents of students disciplined for bullying and harassment. they are not exactly reliable. lots of folks aren't collecting this. our collection is at the school level so you could go and see all this data that pop out in nice
from the highway. to reach more drivers, one effective strategy used by law enforcement is to discourage motorists from driving while intoxicated. law-enforcement influences driver behavior through specific and general deterrence. specific deterrence refers to the effects of the legal consequences experienced by drivers arrested for breaking the law. general deterrence refers to countermeasures that discourage unlawful behaviors. one well-established countermeasure associated with specific and general deterrence is high-visibility enforcement. high-visibility enforcement is designed to increase driver perception of the presence of law enforcement and their awareness that they will experience negative consequences if caught while driving impaired. it integrates the following increments. well-publicized media campaigns such as the one shown on this side, enforcement efforts such as saturation paroles -- patrols or checkpoints including electronic message boards and road signs, and swift and certain penalties for drivers arrested for the debut live -- for dwi. i have visibi
in charge when pakistan became a nuclear power in the first place. he also tried to establish sharia law the last time he was in power. he was so hated there the military coupe that overthrew him was kind of seen as a relief even though it was a military. president obama spoke with david camer cameron, they each only took one question, but for each of them, it was one big long compound question with lots of dependent subparts. president obama did expound at some length at some exasperated length on how excited he sees republicans as being about the benghazi attack and the subsequent investigations. >> if this was some effort on our part to try to down play what had happened or tamp it down, that would be a pretty odd thing that three days later we end up putting out all the information that, in fact, has served as the basis for everybody recognizing this was a terrorist attack and that it may have included elements planned by extremists inside of libya. who executes some sort of cover-up or effort to tamp things down for three days? so the whole thing defies logic. and the fact that this
american people at risk, i just don't see it. >> michael: and what do you think, if there is a shield law? do you think this might lead to a shield law already? tell me about that. >> yeah first of all, you see the white house in full damage control today and yesterday, and particularly today, and i think very effectively, right? on the benghazi -- on benghazi releasing these 100 pages of emails. they should have dointne it earlier. they did it today, brilliant move. i think you'll see heads will roll starting with steven miller. we'll know that shortly. and now calling for again immediate shield law, which remember republicans blocked in 2009, president obama supported it then, and working with chuck shum shum -- schumer to bring it back, i think that's very, very important. it's needed, and for the white house to support it really helps them get over as they say the biggest hurdle of all. >> michael: tell our viewers what the shield law would do. >> it would make it tougher and a big tougher test for the justice department to have to go -- and to be able to go to
telling republicans to focus on scandal and not even try to pass laws. now, their letter -- let me read it to you -- part of it, anyway, says we urge you to avoid bringing any legislature to the house floor, rather than scheduling such legislation for consideration, we urge you to keep the attention focused squarely on the obama administration. so that means let's forget jobs, let's not deal with the sequester, let's not deal with immigration, let's keep the focus on these scandals, none of who have in any way, shape, or form, had a direct accusation by the president or anyone in the white house, for that matter. serious scandals but not at the level of the obama administration. >> and i think when you mention immigration, that's the big one. when they are referring to things that create a schism within the conference, that was creating the schism before we started talking about these issues and heritage has been opposed to any kind of comprehensive reform package that would include bringing the millions of undocumented workers out into the shadows. and that is what is really sad here.
the practice and principle of democracy, but many of our most important non-trade laws and food safety, financial regulations, the environment, and more. this is intimately connected to fast-track. number two, fast-track has totally upended the balance of power. and it basically ripped up, shredded, a vital checks and balances built into the constitution by the founders concentrate on what turns out to be vast power to unilaterally impose policy in the process that is heavily influenced by large corporations to fast track, among other things, officially empowered over 600 official corporate advisors to have access to tax secrets of august doesn't seek an end to direct imports. so even though public citizen, the organization were at work, is very focused for 40 years on good process to good policy, fast track is even worse than the usual bad process, and that what it is basically allowed is a formalization of use of trade agreement to come in a slow-motion, coups d'État quietly take over democratic policy space. that is vital, not just you but in other countries, to be able to meet the
and in the country, and those from around the world. your leadership has transformed the fbi from a domestic law enforcement agency also into a global antiterrorism police force. so while maintaining a vigorous domestic law enforcement agency, there's also been the evolution to do with these predatory threats. we're going to listen to your testimony today about what we need to make sure that the fbi is the premier federal law enforcement agency in the united states of america, and i might add in the world. we do know that there are many eyes in the fbi right now, particularly those related to the boston marathon bombing. i know all of us, all at the fbi, know what happened there. a 29 year old preschool teacher from trinity episcopal, the episcopal children's center, she lost her leg but she hasn't lost her spirit. she was there with her mother, her sister, and her sister's husband on that day. all the family members suffered some form of injury, but all are on the road to recovery. but every family has a story. and we want to thank those who responded. we prepared for the worst, delivered the c
can go if they have been treated unfairly and denied their basic protections that the law provides. thus the board plays a critical role in vindicating workers rights. for the past 10 years that an alert bee has secured opportunities to reinstate 22,544 employees who were unfairly fired. it is also recovered more than $1 billion on behalf of workers whose rights were violated. the board is just as essential for nation's employers. if an employer for example is the victim of a wildcat strike or is in negotiation with the union and can't get the union to bargain in good faith, the board is their only recourse. andhe andlpedumerous businesses resolve disputes efficiently. because this agency is absolutely critical to our economy and our country and our middle-class, it's deeply disappointing to see what has happened to the board in recent years including the relentless political attacks by the dedicated public service who work on the lord. to put it plainly there are clearly many elected officials are actively trying to shut the end i'll are beat down. in 2011 when the agency needed a
in 1985 congress passed a law allowing local and state governments to offer their employees can time. why should the rules be any different for employees in the private sector? why should government employees have more freedom in the workplace than everyone else? the restriction from the government that is free to offer? we want to get washington out of the way of how you use your time. i have vowed to champion the working family flexibility act throughout the country. host: the question of the are asking this morning, would you rather have comp time or overtime pay? the debate has exposed a partisan divide over well it would help or hurt workers. some republicans believe that employers would accommodate workers the prefer comp time over cash. as the debate continues you can join us on our twitter page. this comment from a viewer -- we are having trouble getting 40 hours, they do not need to worry about over time. good morning, alliant for democrats? -- line for democrats? caller: this is another partisan appeal that republicans are laying out for the middle-class and lower crop -- lower
up for american workers if the president would enforce federal immigration law. the way to help our blue collar and low-wage workers is not to flood the market with illegal aliens. the way to help america's blue collar and low-wage workers is by denying american jobs to illegal aliens, thus forcing blue collar wages up and helping workers and their families pursue the american dream. mr. speaker, we must return american jobs to american citizens. the white house and congress should be fighting for american jobs, for american citizens, not just for illegal aliens. mr. speaker, i cannot in good conscious ratify illegal conduct with my vote. and i hope other elected officials in washington will represent americans seeking jobs not foreigners illegally on american soil. mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from california, ms. chu, for five minutes. a school st month district considered outsourcing the roles of their school psychologists and social worker. after all, budgets are tight and what harm could com
that it was a gift and we believe we are within the law. >> the fpbc it's a gift but we have the 801 that if it's a gift for the benefit of the individual that would require an 801. you don't believe that's the case? >> that's incorrect. the 803 is a different track. it's a gift that is in this case for the benefit of the city. we consulted with the fpcc. this is an 803 as a gift. we have filed the proper forms. this is a state law and we are within the state law according to the body that regulates this process. >> i understand. just asking about the 801. the words i got from mr. gibner if the department receives a gift and whether that would require an 801 and it would seem like it would, but i'm sure if it's a firm requirement or if it's a good thing to do. can you answer that question? >> you seem to not be totally firm about whether it's a mandate of something whether it should be done. >> it is a mandate when a department receives a gift that benefits an employer or officer that the department must file an 801 or if the department doesn't file an 801 then the gift is a personal gift to th
in this particular capacity that they look at what the laws are and look at what the requirements are which i did to make sure it was okay for me to purchase that stuff and bringing it into city hall before i took those steps. i think it's important for any department that uses this as a way to do business should do that. i'm happy to move this item forward. >> supervisor mar. >> it's helpful to know that fppc is not taking action on that. when i see a $9999 contribution, it raises my eyebrows. the gifts were some were requested by you for support from your office you did initiate them and some of them came i think from some of the chronicle and the guardian coverage from some individuals that might have had some questionable activity, but i think ms: deberry, there is no on going conversation right now. my eyebrows are still up. i think there is a public perception if you take something for your office. there is something from the chronicle, i don't even know if the desk that you are sitting in are the chairs from the gift or not but i think there is a perception that there is a personal benefit
understate ceqa law. and there are additional changes made to put back in evidence. i wonder if city planning attorney if you have any information on that >> i think you maybe referring to a particular language that is in supervisor wiener's ordinance in section 3110 f. that is language that is taken directly from the ceqa guidelines and it appears that this proposal would alter that language. i think certainly our recommendation would be for using language under the ceqa guidelines, that we should keep the language the same as in the ceqa guidelines and not change, not appear to be changing ceqa somehow by changing that language. however we intentioned it might be. >> if i may comment on that. i have, while i have been very much respect the disagreement about whether the deadline should be the first approval versus the last approval whether a hearing should occur at the full board. there have been a number of very good faith policies on this and we are having a debate, this is one of the ones where i think it's been a real red herring from the beginning. ceqa controls, whether it's
of training they think of learning cross-examination skills and of learning the law. what we do is teach lawyers to adopt values that are missing in the system. we give them strategies when they confront challenges in the system to overcome those challenges instilling values in them and we have a membership community that reinforces to try to do that and the goal is when they are raiseing the standard of interpretation. in 10 years one of them will be sitting at that table, one of them will get that question an they will answer it correctly. i don't have enough resources. the movement is about teaching people to be better lawyers today but also building an army of people across the region and ultimately across the country who will work their ways into positions of power where they are leading public defenders offices and hiring people behind them to do what you do all the time, jeff, you are out there telling people that public defenders matter. [ applause ] >> believe me, it's always a struggle. i see my budget analyst telling me right here. you talk about reaching policy makers and pol
current system, on the other hand laura's law provides community service with know forced meds. why would you be against it? >> why has laura's law be implemented in one small rural county. i think part of the answer is we do have good community services and support in san francisco and we have the best in the country and funded through the mental health services act. do they solve all the problems? absolutely not. do we need more? absolutely. to bring an additional court process that threatens people with enforcement measures and takes away right to self determination is at the core of this. the people that run the program in nevada county. the program that provisions the services, that program is available to people voluntarily. that only 4 people have been treated through the voluntary clause. that service is available to all people. 4 people were involuntary mandated to those services. couple of them succeeded, a couple didn't. the point is that the county where you have a chief of police who meets with the judge, who meets with the department of mental health or the head of t
which he fought for so long in the justice. the decision was law of the land. equal justice under law. >> when a supreme court decided the gideon case, they really brought light to phra. d matr you are rich, it doesn't matter if you are poor, you get the same equal chance. >> just look at what happened to gideon. the supreme court didn't set gideon free but it gave him a fair trial with a competent attorney. >> not guilty. >> clarence earl gideon was a free man. the man who won a landmark supreme court case went to live a normal living with a job pumping gas. >> when i read where it says equal justice under law, i'm very inspired by that. i'm very comforted by that. but i know a lot of people are treated unfairly. i see it as something encouraging but i don't see it yet. >> it's written into constitution and established into the goal for society to reach for and live up to. people will fall short, rights can be ignored or even trampled. with nothing more than a pencil and knowledge. >> if you know your rights you can protect your rights. if you don't know your rights you can't. the
francisco chief of police. gary is a psychiatrist and laura's law advocate and eduardo vega of the mental health association of san francisco. let me start by opposing a question to karen chen from the public defenders office. karen, can you -- how about if you start by giving us an overview of how the city handles this conflict between treatment and civil liberties. >> an involuntary hold starts in san francisco when a peace officer or a clinician makes the determination that the person is due to a mental disorder, is a danger to others or danger to self or gra disabled. gravely disabled means that person does not have the ability to provide for basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. and the legal representation starts in most cases the first 3 days of the involuntary hold during the initial psychiatric evaluation and then the legal representation also continues with if the person is asked to be stayed or referred for further treatment up to 14 days. during this phase, the attorneys will represent the clients about whether or not they will have to stay on this hold, whether the
but the justice department targeting a.p. reporters and health and human services to promote the health care law -- i could go on and on. there are a lot of these that could differentiate on watergate. what do you think? >> watergate was a different situation. media was against the president. in this case the media except for fox news is for the president and laying down their lies to defend him despite a slight rebellion in the white house press room. main thing as charlie said, very big inflation and stagflation prices because of the arob oil was skyrocketing and demand was falling rapidly. earnings per share was falling rapidly. that is what the market cares about. it doesn't care about humiliate mr. obama. it cares about earnings per share, adjusted for inflation compared with other investments. >> neil: i chuckled, militant cue to joe biden comparison. here is what i want to know, adam. think presidents can skate by crises if the backdrop is a good economy. it helped ronald reagan get through iran contra. night and day differences but because the economy was as bad as it was, we're dealing
, hitting companies to promote the health care law. i could go on and on and on. i think there are a lot of these that could differentiate from watergate. what do you think? >> watergate was a totally different situation. first o all, the media was against thepresident. in this case, the media, except for fox news, is for the president and is laying down their lives to defend him despite a slight showing of rellion in the white house press room. the main thing as charlie said, in watergate we were facing very big inflation and stagflation because of the oil embargo. demand was falling rapidly. earnings per share were falling rapiy. that's what the marketares about. it doesn't care about humiliating mr. obama. it wouldn't care one bit if mr. obama left and mr. biden took over and chuckles the clown took over after him. it cares about earnings per share, adjusted for inflation compared with other investments. these earnings have nothing to do with that. >> neil: by the way, chuckles the clown, no offense to you i the joe biden comparison. here's what i want to know, adam. i always think th
, newton's third law of physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. we will get our just desserts any rational system. >> well, i want to agree with professor rosenbaum and disagree with much of what he says, but he's always provocative and gets you to think. and i think that there is a role for vengeance, for revenge and vengeance in the justice system, although we may call it something more polite. look, we called it recognition. there is a difference between revenge and vengeance and retribution. but they are similar in many ways and i think they serve similar functions. thane writes in his book that the law lacks passion, the law lacks motion emotion. justice is new to but i disagree with the. any trial lawyer will tell you that trials are great dramas filled with emotion and it very much is a role for emotion in the law. you can't decide what the law is based on feelings or emotions but you've got to look at the cases and the statutes that decide what the law is, but there certainly are areas of the law where it is important for emotion to come into play and sentenci
requirement from the government. >> pete, my understanding is just alluded to of the fisa laws, the terms of engagement, if you will. they've done this before. this administration has been much more aggressive than past administrations in going after reporters involving national security. they've used this and expanded it. we've seen what happened with the "new york times" and others. in the past it's been individual or a few people from each news organization. this was 100 a.p. reporters and their main line in the house gallery. where the reporters all work and where they interact with news sources. with members of the house, staff members from the house this is critically urgent to people in the house and certainly to other journalists. also -- i understood the guidelines to mean as you were just saying, limit the scope, try other remedies first. if you can before going to the fisa judge. to get the subpoena. >> right, now i don't know that this was fisa, andrea. this sound to me like garden-variety subpoenas. the foreign intelligence corps probably wasn't involved. we'll hear about tha
the law in a fair and impartial way and its employees must act with utmost integrity. this report shows some of its employees failed that test. i directed secretary lew to hold those responsible for this accountable and make sure each of the inspector general's recommendations are implemented quickly so such conduct never happens again. regardless how this conduct was allowed to take place, the bottom line is it was wrong. public service is a solemn privilege. i expect everyone that serves in the federal government to hold themselves to the highest ethical and moral standards, so do the american people, and as president i intend to make sure our public servants live up to those standards. the key finding in the inspector general's report says this: early in calendar year 2010, the irs began using inappropriate criteria to identify organizations applying for tax exempt status to review for indications of significant political campaign intervention. that is the first sentence of the inspector general's report, and that sentence is not true. in fact, as shown on this program last night, be
in that matter and recused highest in other cases because my former law firm was involved in those cases. i'm not sure that those are in writing, but i do think -- i don't remember what congressman, putting those things might be the better practice. >> i appreciate your answers to your questions. it's amazing again as you have stated there is a role of the executive -- >> point of order, is that my grid. >> the gentleman's time was interrupted. so he can complete this question and the attorney general can answer it. >> i did not interrupt the gentleman from louisiana in his questions. and i would like the opportunity. we are going to have the opportunity to ask more questions. and with that, i yield back. >> that's fine. i respect the oversight role that congress plays. this isn't always a pleasant experience but one i recognize as you go through the executive branch officer. one thing i tried to do is be respectful of the people who asked me questions. i don't think i have been treated with a great deal of respect and it's not a personal thing. if you don't like me that's one thing but i'm
penalty. a university of florida law school professor talks about the meaning behind cruel and unusual punishment and gives historical perspective on the origins of the 8th amendment that prohibits such punishment. he also takes questions from the audience on torture cases and the execution procedure of lethal injection. this event was hosted by the ave maria law school's federalist society. it's about an hour. [inaudible conversations] >> we're going to do a chapter on -- [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> welcomedyto ave maria school of law chapter of the federalist society where we're very excited to have professor john stinneford with us for his remarks on the death penalty and the 8th amendment. um, briefly before we start just one quick chapter announcement. for those members, please, remember that march 1st and 2ened is the national student symposium. the national chapter, if you're a member, will subsidize half of your travel costs. so if you're interested in that, you need help booking a hotel reservation, please contact a member of our officers, and we will get you the
't have the courage to come forward with a national law. a national bill. by no means do we believe a national bill is appropriate. this bill has also been introduced on the other side. by senator mike lee of utah. apparently someone asked him if there is a 20-week abortion bill in utah, or if congress might introduce one for utah. he was quick to say, no. they don't have such a bill in utah. nd he would have -- if the congress tries to enact it in utah, he would oppose it. so here we have a tea party republican of the senate who applied his tea party principles until he he just doesn't want to. and that happens to be when it comes to the district of columbia. anybody who thinks we are going to stand up here and let that without protesting and rallying americans who believe in fairness to our cause, they o not know us very well. we will not. we'll refuse to be a vehicle for the extreme views or pet projects of some republicans. they have their own outlets. they have the right to come to this floor and offer bills. they have the right to speak on this floor in any way they choose. we
be placed in the office of the secretary of h.u.d., that this be codified into the law, that it is not going to be easy now for this person to be replaced or this position to be removed. and, mr. speaker, i must say lso that h.u.d. has been quite helpful. h.u.d. has established a similar position in another part of the department. but this would place the person in the office with the secretary. and this person in the office of the secretary would try to help us with some of the statistics that we find abhorrent. we find that there are approximately 76,000 to 144,000 veterans that are homeless. this is unacceptable. we find that on any night in 62,000 veterans were homeless. this is unacceptable. and what this assistant will do is work with the homeless veterans organizations, serve as a liaison person to the department of veterans' affairs, the u.s. interagency council on home ltsness, with state and local official -- homelessness, with state and local officials and not-for profit organizations. this assistant will coordinate services with these various entities. mr. speaker, this is not en
that producers handles and markets may be exempt from the payment under a commodity proposed law with respect to a cultural commodities that certifies organic or 100% organic. >> again if i may he has to make a choice. he can only be exempt from the conventional order if he decides to go with the organic order. >> but if it's not an organic order he cannot exempt out? >> it's a conventional commodity assessment. >> i would ask a question my colleague in the theoretical sense. if i'm in her gimmick or this or i can pick which program i want and determine which program might be the cheapest or i would be able to decide which way to go? >> absolutely and hopefully to promote american agriculture. i yield back the balance of my time. >> does anyone else seek recognition? strike the last word. seeing no other requests, the gentleman from wisconsin seeks recognition and dice him strike the last word mr. chairman. >> thank you mr. chairman. i want to thank the colleague mr. schrader for bringing the amendment. you know i am struck by some of the folks on the more conservative side or our side of the
are around that is probably going to be your first line of defense. state and local law enforcement will always have a better knowledge of the neighborhood and the institutions that might be involved. neither the fbi or the customs agent notified of the local members of the joint terrorism task force. that is a serious and aggravating omission. as the commissioner said, nobody bats 1000%. i am currently one of their biggest fans and admirers. here is a case, and they have look back at it. why didn't they involve the local law enforcers that could have stayed on this case and pick up signals from the students that interacted with them, from the people that threw him out because he was such an extremist. or seen the videos that he posted that could have prevented all this from happening. how do you explain it? people are not perfect. information is being shared. they did involved, before the event, the state authorities that could have talked prevent the attack on the marathon. >> in closing, i completely agree with you. so many of these cases, there are very difficult to stop. i appl
antibush votes in 2008. >> elizabeth foley lives in miami, constitutional law professor are. this is her third book and we'd like to involve you in the conversation, and we still have 25 minutes to too so. we'll put the phone numbers on the screen. >> so people understand your perspective, tell us more than i did about your yourself. >> guest: anytime a constitutional law professor by trade, and i have to tell you sometime around the spring-summer of 2009, if geoff public speeches to various groups, gray panthers, people like that. i hat a bunch of people coming up to me afterwards with pocket constitutions. i rarely see them outside of a law school building and i started seeing them all the team and these people were asking me intelligent questions about very specific clauses and it dawned on me about three months into that, these were the tea partyers i had been hearing about, and they just defy the stereo type i had been reading about. so i wanted to do more research about who they really were and what made them tick. turns out they're a movement of constitutional conservatism and fis
you can do. you can't do anything else. the law's intent is tax exempt status be granted to civic leagues or organizations, not organized for profit, but operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare. it was in 1959 that the irs on its own added the notion that exclusively really just means primarily. so for 54 years the irs has gotten away with the crime of changing the word exclusively to primarily. the irs changed the law. the irs took a hard, clear word like exclusively, a word with legal meaning, and changed it to the soft word primarily that means nothing. left it open to irs agents then to determine if your organization was primarily concerned with the promotion of social welfare. and then in 2010 there's suddenly a flood of organizations applying for tax exempt status, saying they are primarily for the promotion of social welfare, and their titles include the words tea party. what planet do you have to be from to know that tea party organizations are not operated exclusively for promotion of social welfare as the words of the law require, and what planet do you
, but that they are not releasing anymore information. only on kpix 5, how they would bypass the state laws, and how opponents want to shoot it down. >> one place that did not fit all, oakland needs some special laws. and a bill is now working their way around the state capitol that would allow just that. giving the city of oakland new power as they have a not revie -- a unique problem twi level illegal guns. the gun trafficking and the gun violence. right now, they will not allow the cities to enact any gun control laws that will be stronger than the states. possibly leaving -- leading to a rule where they need to reregister their guns. >> they have some of the most restrictive gun controls in america. if that is not enough, it's not clear to me what else they could add to the arsenal beyond what is already there. >> more than 30 gun control measures were introduced to the state capital already this year. gun righters are concerned that having different rules and different jurisdictions could lead to a confusing situation. >> these municipalities that don't understand the california and federal law tend to come
to two weeks for planner and 30 days to get a determination. so within state law that would actually work. within our current planning what's currently in our administrative process which is four weeks plus state law, it would be 60 days. >> i just want to be really concerned about being forced into making what is a very important determination prematurely to some degree that making that determination prematurely is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make in the ceqa process if you are trying to pass up a project that in fact does have significant impacts as not having significant impacts. so i feel that we would be able to have the studies that we need to conduct in order to make that determination and you cannot conduct technical studies in that period of time. >> if we allow some type of, i guess i'm trying to explore this more because i think it's important to a lot of us because i think one of the rationalize that why we need to install ceqa is affordable housing and parks, if that's the problem we are solving for then what can we do for this project if the projects that the ci
to watch, she's also graduated from georgetown university law center and practicing attorney and abc television networks before starting her television career and next is john. i met john about 10 years ago when he was starting off and had this crazy idea of operating a training center for public defenders and he did. he's no now the president and founder and one of the contributors to gideon's army, he's from john marshall law school where he teaches law and criminal procedure. he was in the post katrina and new orleans center. he trained people in the film. he received an advocacy fellowship and named a public interest fellow by harvard law school. next we have maurice call well. he was convicted in the housing project here in san francisco. there was no physical evidence linking him to the crime yet he was still convicted based on the false testimony of a single neighbor. he was sentence to life behind bars. in prison mr. colwell contacted the center for help and located two witnesses who saw the murder and said mr. colwell was not involved in anyway. they located the real kille
arrested for killings or tried in court of law. >> last week's general election 18 seats in its power base in mcclatchy. it is thought to be a stronghold of the ppi. there could be more election- related violence, violence that has claimed more than 80 lives. more than 3500 security personnel are stationed at polling stations in this crucial of efforts to prevent any more killings. launched area has projectile of up its east coast. it lost three short-range missiles on saturday in this same area. the u.n. secretary-general asked north korea to stop its missile testing because tensions are high. chinese premier is on his first overseas trip since taking office. political analyst from new delhi says it will be an interesting time between china and india. moment, one can really not say very much. he has just taken over as the premier. there is also a new president of china. according to chinese official he will carry out its new a foreign-policy and new age diplomacy, which seeks to encompass neighbors and different countries and underdeveloped countries. that interesting to see the premier w
, author of the book "the laws of the new game changers." lawyer and author dr. ray mitchell. welcome, dr. mitchell. >> you welcome. and thank you. >> and it's a pleasure to have you here. first of all, what does it mean to be a game changer? >> the shorter answer, rock the status quo. >> give us examples of rocking the status quo? >> you set off the series of experiments. what if, what if you were not doing what you're doing now. what if there were a different solution or a new way to think about an old problem? >> i love what if. that is a possibility question. so we get out of probability and that if i do this, this will probably happen to anything is possible. you know, i love that anything is possible. >> it releases a lot of energy. >> yes. >> because you no longer are constraint by what if. >> and that is right. i have to side bar. i teach in all of my classes the laws of manifestation. the first law is anything is possible. we're on the same page. >> we are already there. >> i love that and give us examples of game changers. that you writeba. >> -- you write about. >> i take exper
house. >> laws were probably broken. >> obama being compared to president nixon on this, how does he think that. >> people who make those comparisons need to check their history. >> we are examining the facts to see if there were criminal violations sf violations. >> the inspector general's report says inappropriate criteria was used for 18 months. >> what's most disturbing, the inspector general couldn't rule out there was a broader problem. >> the report's findings are intolerable and inexcusable. >> these are things you typically see in the third world. >> the obama administration has valued its agenda more than its credibility. >> my question isn't about who's going to resign. >> the president is angry as hell about this as he should be. >> my question is, who's going to jail over this scandal? >> good afternoon. and we begin with the growing clamber for culpability. and attorney general eric holder at this very moment on the hot seat over a justice department subpoena of journalists' phone records and the irs targeting of conservative groups. the scent of scandal has whetted
the rule of law and good governance and human rights for all. finally we spend a great deal of time on an issue that has racked the region, the issue of syria. the turkish people have extended generosity and i know this is a burden. i have made it clear that the united states is going to continue helping countries of the region to shoulder this burden, doing our part. and we're going to keep working with our turkish partners to deliver the food, shelter, and medicine that is needed to save lives. at the same timere going othe keep increasing the pressure on the asaad regime and working theh the syrian opposition. prime minister has pushed for a democratic syria without assad. turkey is going to play an important role as we bring partners together in the coming weeks. we both agree that asaad needs to go. he needs to transfer power to a transitional body. that is the only way we will resolve this crisis and we will keep working for a syria that is free for tyranny. so again, mr. prime minister, i want to thank you for being here and being such a strong ally. i know that michelle appr
, it was fdr, kennedy, bobby kennedy, after watergate there were some laws to separate the white house. there is evidence that clinton misused the irs. it is an old game. this is not just something obama was doing, this was down t ain. i do not think they found a nk that sgested oba was involved.. >> we only lrned about did a week ago. we are saying theris not a link to the white house. i do not know if there is. when o obama was asked, can you assure us no one in the white house knew about this, his answer was, i did not knowbo the report ununtil i read about it last week. he was asked about the scandal, not the ig. he gave the most narrow answer you could have. all i am saying is that it opened a lot of questions. >> as i followed the story, we learned about the existence of the inspector general's report, the treasury department on the irs. that had not been released. there was a reference made to it earlie i can understatand the president not knowing about this. he would have been ill-suited to get in the details. the law is clear about the white house separating them from the iri
john and i would like to welcome each of yo our second event in our new national security law program. the goal of this new program is to research and discuss and debate the myriad legal and policy issues in the area of national security law. since 9/11 there've been many issues and to the detainee policies one of the toughest issues out there. my goal is to manage the program is to bring thoughtful and experienced professional together regardless of political stripe or party affiliation to discuss and articulate these issues in a civil and a political manner. that is why i am particularly pleased to have three friends and colleagues join me today on the stage. each of us has had the privilege of serving in the same job that the assistant secretary of defense as the d.a. as it's called in the building. each of us have had to tackle tough challenges during our tenure in that job. many of the issues we have confronted then and now are the same. that is why i thought it would interesting for you to hear about the evolution of the detainee policy, the law of the policy, the practice and t
to reintroduce the media shield law which would protect journalists and their sources. on benghazi, the white house did what republicans and some reporters have been demanding for a long time and released 100 pages of e-mails back and forth on that issue. now republicans are going to have to decide what they're going to demand next. on the i.r.s., one head has finally rolled. does that mean this whole thing is over? we'll talk about that and more right here on current tv. to the fire. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal, or is itcal? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i'm given to doing anyway, by staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. i've worn lots of hats, but i've always kept this going. i've been doing politics now for a dozen years. (vo) he's been called the epic politics man. he's michael shure and his arena is the war room. >> these republicans in congress that think the
of american exceptionalism, you know. but an essential one is the rule of law. this bill destroys the rule of law and it forever produces contempt for the rule of law and i will tell you that one of the reasons that i said no on the race for the united states senate was, i can not take myself out of the arena in the house of representatives for the next 18 to 20 months. [applause] the prospect of perhaps stepping out on the floor of the united states senate in january of 2015, with chuck grassley and putting up a vote that would start to put the genie back in the bottle, didn't seem to be worthy of what we have to give up. every day we have an opportunity to step up and defend american exceptionalism, american constitutional values, the core of the greatest civilization the world has ever seen. we have to step up and do that. i couldn't take time out on that to do the campaign. i believe so strongly that there's a place for us. there's a place for this country that goes beyond ronald reagan's shining city on the hill. there is an altitude, an elevation above that. he never said to us that
: the scandal where no laws were broken. on the so-called scandal front yes, benghazi, they tried to put that to rest yet again by releasing 100 pages of internal e-mails that shows how the talking points of u.n. ambassador susan rice were shaped. rice and the white house were blasted repeatedly for not immediately labeling the attack that killed four americans as an terrorist attack. but the e-mails reportedly show that the white house the state department the fbi and c.i.a. all held shape these talking points that ambassador rice used,al while interoffice politics may have played a role that didn't play out presidential politics didn't. speaker boehner has accused the state department of political changes in the talking points. as for scandal number three the justice department seizure of phone records from the associated press, jay carney announced the president would push congress to pass a media shield law which failed to get to the senate floor for a vote in. >> you the president's support for this kind of media shield law is well documented, it is longstanding, and he does believe
the media shield law to try to put new protections in place for journalists. the white house is well aware. it's been on the defensive lately. the people have been accusing them of people passive, disenga disengaged, even slow in terms of its response and they're trying to turn the page and refocus as best they can on legislative issues. that will be difficult to deal with today. there's a series of other things they're doing today. 3:45, the president will welcome the joint chiefs as well as the defense secretary chuck hagel will focus on the issue of sexual assault in the military. that is another issue the president is said to be furious about. there will be remarks addressing the issue of benghazi. the president will address the need for more security to be put in place with u.s. diplomatic compounds around the world. the white house inactivitying that on the benghazi issue, it shouldn't be a side show, but what it should be focused on is what the accounts ability review board figured, which was there were security lapses, security failure that's need to be soofld. >> peter, you talk a
of bounds, it's not in the law at all, and so we wrote to the commissioner in march, again in june, again in august, and never got definitive answers. so it's been going on for over a year. >> what was the nature of the answers you did get? did they smell fishy to you? were they squirrely? what did he say? >> that's why we kept going back again and again and again. it was gobbledygook, is what it was. it was, well, we have had this in place since 1959, and we are just following the law, and clearly now because of i.g., we know they were not just following the law. they were targeting patriot and tea party as flags to determine who their contributors were. it's outrageous. >> you've just heard and the president characterized it yesterday as outrageous. what do you think of the obama administration's -- the white house -- let me say that more precisely -- the white house's response to this budding scandal, and what could the administration do right now to satisfy you and lower the temperature? >> the white house needs to show that, of all things, the i.r.s., with the information they have o
power if immigration reform is signed into law. neil: that's a very good point. i'd almost forgotten about that one. that's a good point about whether it's on the administration's agenda, at least short term it does. if you're pushing for expansion of health care, you'll still get it, i guess, but it's not going to happen rapidly and maybe not fall out the way you wanted with the irs. >> you would think so. and i think the biggest scandal this week might have been the ap scandal because you saw the press really transformed, you know, from these lap dogs to all of a sudden their toes were the ones that had been stepped on, and they were rraching up to bite. neil: how long do you think that lasts? think about that. >> i don't know. neil: i always think once a lemming, always a lemming. >> i don't know. i mean, they were very, very hostile. and as you see, you know, the white house continue to stonewall and continue to say, you know, they say we would like to know more about this investigation and, and the white house just continues to stonewall on this, i don't know. i don't know if th
and scoffed at anycomparisons to watergate, with us now, the center of law and justice defending people agns the irs, and americans for tax reform did extensive research on the the tactics of the irs, and jennifer from americans for prosperity, which was trgeted by the irs. jennifer, starting with you,how are you targeted? tell us your story? >> this was before i joined americans for prsperity, just a stay at home mother, pregnant with another baby, and i wanted to do what was right. my tea party group was large, and i couldn't run the money donatis through the banking the. i was add viesedirs would get me for that. i called groups, fil create an organization, and here they were getting targeted by the irs, and i got sred. when i reach out to the irs to understand, some the questions the other groups -- gerri: what were they asking? >> all out there now, and i have documents showing it. you know, send us your facebook pages, twitter pages. i said is that personal pages? they said everything. they want to now your personal relationships with politicians and political parties, and i asked what
on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society." the foundation of this society, this great society based on democracy, is the principle of self-determination and the belief that every american is equal under the law, and guaranteed liberty. this principle is ingrained in the character of our nation, and it's enshrined in our constitution. of the many things that set us apart from other nations, there is none greater than the first amendment to the constitution. the freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble and to petition our government and the freedom of speech. under the first amendment, americans have the right to organize around the issues and values they believe in and they had the right to disagree with their government. this liberty is part of what energizes our democracy and it's essential if this democracy is to prevail. but that freedom has come under attack recently by our very own government. when the internal revenue service targeted conservative groups, including at least one in my home state of indiana, for extra scrutiny based on their p
of them. >> the fact that you are cooperating with law enforcement doesn't mean you will not be doing terrorist terrorist acts. people are given new napes and identitties. they were not authorizing them to beon the no-fly list. therefore, it was possible for known terrorist to fly and evade one of the government's primary means of identifying and tracking terrorist movements and actions. the justice department said that is a problem that is now fixed. >> president obama has picked a now acting commissioner of the irs. last night's headline that the current leader is forced out lost the impact today. mike emmanuel tells us why. >> although president obama announced ste fan miller resignation. he was supposed to leave this month. today the president tried to turn the page. >> it is simply unacceptable for there to be a hint of partisanship for ideology when it comes to the tax laws. >> active group of the tea party were harassed by the irs. >> someone needs to be held responsible and in prison and prosecuted. resignation is a step in the right direction. but we need to know who wrote a
day after day and what govement regulators don't understand is a law of diminishing returns know they may be appropriate but it goes well beyond common sense and does harm to busses which means it does harm to job creation and real pele. >> with the victs governmenteb site wen man from granite city illinois who finally took action. >> granite city illinois suffered severe flooding since the 1950's. more than once the white house to clear the area a disaster and the court issued study after study after stud but yet they did nothing. >> a man decided to take a bold step he never thought working his own property would cost him almost everything. >> what do you mean? >> he almost went bankrupt he could not develop the land over 23 years. >> you going to explain when he tried to obey the gornment's regulations the epa told him he needed to get the permit. >> he investednother $200,000 to apply for this permit 40 years ago and the permit never arrived for 23 years later after buying the down at the end of his street he is on the verge of bankruptcy. what gernment does government intru
hypocrite of all. they are sitting there doing absolutely nothing. the irs acted within the law. the irs did not go outside of the law to target these groups. host: your response? uest: congress has the ability o make and ship the lot. one of the points raised in the report was some of the ambiguity that is at play when they're trying to figure out if the organization might be political or set up too much for the private benefit. you saw republicans and democrats both going after the ira's and both parties seem concerned about this. host: does there seem to be any movement towards legislation that would more define these arious status? guest: we have heard a lot of talk in recent years in the tax reform community and campaign finance reform community that there are big issues out there that they think deserve levels f advancement. we are waiting to see what will come from this particular situation. host: next up is daniel on airline for republicans in north carolina. o ahe caller: i was watching the hearings last night. i am a young guy who doesn't ith politics and i am very disheartened to
the affordable care act and i signed is it into law. and for those of us who believe that every american deserves access to affordable, quality health care have an obligation to now make sure that full implementation moves forward the way it needs to. >> the president's political appeal to mothers came not just two days before mother's day, but also amid a growing movement to mobilize mothers on a range of national issues, momentum prominently, gun control. this week, the group moms demand action is holding rallies in cities and towns across the country for tighter gun laws. in each event, participants are reading from an document called the mothers' bill of rights. the rights of americans are under attack. the right of mothers to protect our children shall not be infringed. mothers are also directly challenging elected officials. last week, for example, moms demand action held a protest-out outside the columbus, ohio, office of republican senator rob portman. he was one of the senators that voted no on expanded background checks last month. >> your mom says shame on you. you usually take pause a
submitted case law today that i think they are. the applicant thinks they are not. regardless just from a policy standpoint, leaving aside the law, if you have already said this is your criterion for significance under prop k and actually let me finish the description of prop k, besides setting the criteria is for any given project to determine if any additional shadow cast is significant or less than significant? so if you set your criteria for significance under prop k and now we ever a project that will exceed that, we're going to change the significance by increasing the shadow limit? it's just playing a game with limit under prop k. we're not here to talk about prop k. we're going to do that with the planning commission in a couple of weeks, but ceqa looks to other thresholds. and it looks to other thresholds to find whether impacts are significant or not. and you can't just arbitrarily select another threshold, but this f there are valid reasons to use another threshold as ceqa threshold, than ceqa allows that. in air quality, we don't think those reasons are valid for using th
in and of itself may not have a impact because of the size the mexican museum, but ceqa state law says we have to study cumulative impacts and we know it's the moma and it's expanding and i could keep going over the list over and over again. why didn't we look at the weekends? the cumulative impact kind of lens? >> what ceqa requires is that you look at the cumulative impacts, such as they are relevant to the impacts that the project is creating and resulting in? the project's contributions to the cumulative impacts to the conditions on weekends would be -- would not be something that would rise to a level of significance. just on the basis of understanding the number of pedestrians in the area and the increase -- the incremental increase from the project, it's clear from the analysis that this project in no way has the ability to create a considerable contribution to that cumulative context. it's just going to be a little bit of a drop there. so given that, but what ceqa provides for is that we look at the cumulative conditions, as i said, such that they are affected by the project. t
. it is department policy. it is city law. it is what we have been raised on. >> does the department have the authority to control that information within its own database so it is and shared with the federal authorities? >> what information is that? >> my understanding is there is no opt in and out. maybe commissioner chan can say something. >> secure communities is a post-arrest situation, a sheriff situation. those questions are not asked at the police department level. >> the chief has been extremely supportive of efforts by community groups. chief beal recently met with community groups about the same issue, that is something they have been receptive, trying to address. -- has resulted in over 638 deportations as of august this year. it has an impact on the victims of domestic violence. it is a continual problem. >> but not from the san francisco police department. >> there is a reason case, longer story. not because of the specific police officers fall; this program has a direct nn to the immigration database. it is problematic. >> commissioner cahn is passionate about. >>
doesn't allow cities to enact gun control laws stronger than the states. oakland is looking for exemption that would require people to reregister guns. >> whatever law enforcement tools are needed to address the epidemic in gun violence, 130 people died last year. kids dying from drive by shootings. we need to put a stop to it and support law enforcement. >> state has already given la county exemption from that law. >> let's get another check on the weather. the weekend was so nice. >> we don't want it to end. mother's day was spectacular . >> can you leak it into monday? >> sunshine in most spots. already clear inland and inside the bay, we have patchy fog and drizzle. on the latest satellite image, a little weak disturbance off the coast toward late tonight and tomorrow. for today, we workout with another day that's going to be slightly above average around the bay area. temperatures outside right now holding into the 50s. fog in that area as well. by the afternoon, up in the 80s, a lot of 70s inside the bay. out toward the coast, we'll see fog right at the beaches and tem
with leaders of congress. a bipartisan effort that he believes can and should produce a law that reflects the principles he laid out a long time ago. there is a lot of work to be done. he a focused on that work. >> welcome back. as you know numerous members of congress over the period of a couple years wrote the irs around asked if conservative groups were being targeted. the officials didn't respond. if it turns out the officials did know at the time, conservative groups had been targeted, should those officials be punished? >> the if phrasing is appropriate. if what we are seeing in some of these reports about specific targeting and actions taken by personnel within the irs turns out to be true, people should be held accountable. what that means in concrete action, we'll have to see based on the information and the facts that are gathered, principally at first by the inspector general. you heard from the president yesterday. you heard the outrage that he conveyed at the reports of this kind of activity. >> potential outrage? >> i don't think you want the president outraged that turned o
wants to implement a health care law, this is a president that wants to pass immigration reform. if you lose the confidence of the public that the irs can't do its job properly it's going to be easy for republicans to say, if the government can't get the irs right how do you think they will get your health care right? they can't get the irs right, how are they going to protect the border? this is something they are very nervous about. that's why you saw a publically angry president. you will see them try to find a big figure to replace to become the new irs commissioner. maybe it's a republican. maybe it's a top cop kind of guy, a military guy. they know they need to fix the credibility because that one could sting. >> our senior correspondent has been looking into this irs topic. the irs not a popular agency already. their job is to take our money, collect taxes. people hate the thought that it is being used for political purposes. conjures up for some of us of a certain age all kinds of bad memories. question to you is how deep do you think this goes? what came out today? >> well, i s
. he is a person who has the ability to see both sides of an issue. he is not a deal law but crashes on ideologue -- he is not an ideologue. he has been portrayed. a loyalgood lawyer and public servants andhe will distinguish himself if he is given the opportunity to labor. >> thank you. i want to ask two more questions. one is on immigration. thank you for addressing a conference of immigration reform in your comments. i have noticed that the rules that we have created have bound us in certain circumstances, and is limited the discretion of our judges, which are overworked, but sometimes do not have the legal ability, or the resolve many cases which seem to simple. onwe could get your opinion judges.g some of that >> i agree with you. i served for five years as a judge. in washington, d.c.we put a great deal of effort into finding people to serve on our courts. in our immigration courts andi think that they should have requisite amounts of discretion so that they can decide what justice is in a particular case prayed what justice for the -- justice and it take your case. is constra
hold dear. protection of the unity of the family must re/phaeupbl at the heart of immigration law and policy. we recognize that there are many times of families and our immigration laws shall respect all family members, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, contact with the criminal justice system or current immigration status. we call for immigration reform that /r-plts the value of unity of the family. for these reasons the california immigrant policy acceptabilitier urges you to adopt this resolution. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> hi, thanks for having us. i'm ashley and this is my partner ki and this issue affects us greatly. we met nine years ago and fell in love immediately and that was a trial in and of itself because i cam came from a very conservative community and i was rejected by my family and communality, but that issue /tk-fpblt compare to this immigration nightmare that we /tpaeuls. and though we've been lucky and managed to stay together legally here, it's really put us through the ringer. we've had to uproot and move /twaoeu
the politicians some law & order politician goes on and on with this lock em up mentality and people nod their heads. if people are better educated about these issues they will call the people on the carpet and say wait a minute. i think the mission, if i can give you that, would be to step outside your circle, your work circle and bring this issue to the broader public so they can create a change in the culture and the public's response to these issues that will then enable the politicians and legislators to make the reforms to the finances and the court's etc that really need to happen and one way i think is a good way to do that and i'm talking, i'm a journalist, an advocacy journalist, it's usually said with a sneer but i wear the badge proudly, to reach out to reporter's because of course they do have that soapbox to share these stories with. so reach out to reporter's in your local newspapers, crime reporter's, whoever, and just invite them to spend the day with you. invite them to spend a looking st a day in your life as a public defender, a day in the life of you as a parole offi
constructed in law unit as they are called in the city built on the garage of a property that is admittedly zoned rh 1. when miss miller moved it she had no idea that it was an illegal unit and what brought this to the matter that miss salas and her husband who are the sellers of the property, the absentee landlords and intimidated her and staked themselves outside of her apartment and refused to leave. i know this because she had to call me to, i knew her socially previously. she called me, i came over and spoke with them and explained to them that she wasn't going to come out and asked them to please leave which they eventually did. i was subsequently retained by miss miller. i wrote to the landlords, i could not at that time write to the property meteorologyers because -- managers because at that time by profession code, but copied them on the letter and they retained council and sought to withdraw this permit and as i was filing the appeal council could send notice as the parties intent as required by state law before using it as a basis to use the ordinance. when the permit was issued
the healthcare law? >> a whole bunch, paul. this is the largest social program they have been ever been asked to implement. they enforce the individual mandated to buy health insurance also to pay a tax penalty. a mandate on businesses to provide right kind of health insurance. there are 47 major changes of tax laws and they have a much larger policy making role in terms of regulation, what counts as workweek. who counts as a full time worker. >> paul: how many new workers have they asked for? >> they have asked for 1900 full time equivalent for 2014. the affordable care act is big part of the irs. that is about 700 people directly working on it and whole bunch of people brought in. >> paul: they are going to connect data from different parts of the government, big new database? >> right with the hhs they are building something they are building something called the federal data hub. >> paul: that is what we need. [ laughter ] >> if you have the right healthy care and cross that with homeland security and huge information technology. >> paul: just so i understand. if i under pay my taxes, i s
a criminal investigation to determine where the laws were broken and so targeting the conservative group. the irs admits to the criminal targeting. three years after the complaints began, and probably only because the department of the treasury ordered by congress had investigated the matter and was on the verge of finally making public its findings. now congress is back in the act, big time. multiple hearings are now on the docket. the first was friday before the house ways and means committee, where the first to fall, acting commissioner steven miller was in the hot seat. >> first and foremost as acting commissioner i want to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for the mistakes we need and the poor service we provided. the effective organizations and the american public deserve better. >> i do not believe parts san ship motivated the people in gauged in the practices described in the report. i have reviewed the treasury inspector general's report and i believe its conclusions are consistent with that. i think what happened here is foolish mistakes were made by people tr
as they implement this big, huge landmark law. the obama administration knows that. if she is tainted by this scandle, that is something they are going to have to make a decision if she is going to continue to head this office of implementing the tax provisions of the new law. the bulk is going into effect in a few months. this lab huge issue in the next election. that is something that the republicans and white house will be looking into it. >> jamie: it's interesting that you bring that up. congressional approval polls continue to be down and recent gallup poll, 16% approve of congress. do you think benghazi the a.p. hold over until the next congressional election? >> depending on where they go, they are definitely going to be going on for next several months are there going to be more controversies coming up to the six to 18 months. it remains to be seen. but i think obamacare will be a bigger issue than these investigations because we'll see if law is working or whether it is not. that will be the bigger fodder for the election. >> jamie: we know it's the law of the land. bob, gre
that can potentially improve their health and save their lives? >> right question. nih is by law required to be sure we are reaching out to a diverse population and we tracked that carefully. all the individuals who review clinical trial grant proposals follow those to make sure we have a diversity population involvement in the studies, whether heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or whatever. course we are dependent on public knowledge about the ability to be part of such trials. i appreciate your question very much in that regard. there is a website that is heavily utilized and every clinical trial with support and most of those supported by industry are also listed on that side. you can search it readily for a particular condition in some particular part of the country. trial, the nature of the and people can decide if they want to take part. getting out the word about that would be a wonderful thing to do. i appreciate the suggestion of helping with that. there are 25 sites across the country and one is a kansas state university. we hope to incorporate into the clinical trials undertaken
and the senate now, in addition, the criminal investigation into whether any laws were broken at the irs when conservative groups were singled out for extra scrutiny in their irs investigations, that criminal investigation was announced today it will be a nationally one. it will not focus on the one office in cincinnati that's been singled out thus far, it's going to be a nationwide thing. and beyond all of those investigations, the inspector general, the executive branch, the congressional investigations, and the criminal investigation, beyond all of those, some of the real investigation of this matter continues also in the press. two important salient new details on this irs scandal turned up today by bloomberg news in one instance and by "usa today." in terms of the "usa today" story, quote, a review of irs data that found that liberal groups, groups that at least sounded liberal, groups with names that included words like progress or progressive, those liberal groups applications reportedly sailed through the irs much more quickly than the conservative groups' applications did. that said,
-capacity ammunition magazines. antireform side in his state says they'll try to sue to block that new law but he signed it today. there is a lot more that happened. this is kind after very granular nitty-gritty day of news today. there was also some new and provocative details on the west texas fertilizer plant explosion. also new details on the russian spy arrest. we'll have all of that stuff coming up this hour. nbc's richard engel is here live as well. that's all to come. >>> we start tonight in sichuan province in china. this is a map of china. sichuan province is here. in 2008 you might remember there was an absolutely massive catastrophic earthquake in sichuan province. whole villages just flattened. the order of 70,000 people were killed in a single quake. five years ago this week. it happened not far outside the capital city of sichuan province. earthquake was 50 miles northwest of the capital city. that quake was 2008. but then last month it happened again. same faultline. at least we think it was the same faultline. right there in the same region. in this case the quake was within 100
can be properly served, honestly. you're a law enforcement agency, for crying out loud. i was a cop for 33 years. you raised your right hand today. did this committee have the right to know what you knew? yes or no? >> i answered all questions truthfully. i also will tell you that it was -- >> let me ask you -- >> all or -- >> i'm going to mr. george because my time -- you're not going to cooperate with me, mr. miller and have been cooperative. who who was responsible? you're the commissioner. >> i don't have that name. >> why don't you have the name? have you asked anybody? >> yes. >> who tide you -- did you ask? >> i -- >> you don't have the name either. >> let him answer the question. >> it's washington state's time. >> who did you ask? >> i asked the senior technical adviser. >> what is his name? >> nancy marks. >> what did nancy tell you? who is responsible? >> that i don't remember. >> you don't remember again? all right. >> greg: he couldn't get out of there fast enough. as soon as he hearing was over one of our producers says the irs chief rushed into a waiting car. in fact
's thing. and the secretary sitting up private companies which may be against the law thing. we can safely say one thing. the white house is in full panic mode. now the mainstream media is on a tear. welcome, everybody, i am neil cavuto. here is all you need to know how big the scandals are getting. jay carney isn't getting any nice questions. today picked apart like a piÑata on evertonhe administration knew about constantly revise talking points on benghazi to why the heck it was tracking phone calls of reporrs each day, almost each hour. something new, something damning. the irs crackdown went way beyond tea parties which could explain why some commerce and want to make sure the irs doesn't get beyond the oversight into health care. like each revelation gives a new warning. trusting more government if we can't just trust government regardless of where the scanda go it is pretty clear what has already stopped, the ministrations agenda. maybe the administration itself. to rich edson and what could be the start of a very long and hot summer for the white house and you bf managing director
hearings for sure. >> if the irs was selectively enforcing the law, absolutely heads need to roll. i wish there was more gop interest during the bush administration, where they audited a church in my district. i'm glad now that the gop has found interest in this issue and it ought to be a bipartisan concern. the irs absolutely should not be picking winners and losers or picking political ideology. it ought to neutrally enforce regulations. >> if it happened when you made a complaint that a church in your district is being targeted and it's happening now, is this a problem in the irs that's been going on for a while, this targeting? >> it may very well be. you know, the one thing i would love to see is a broader investigation of the irs to see not only whether it's been going on during the current administration but whether it was going on during the prior administration, too. that would point to a systemic problem within the irs that transcends administrations and it's very possible that's exactly the case. >> congressman adam schiff, it's always good to have you on the program. we apprec
believes can and should produce a law that he can sign that reflects the principles he laid out a long time ago. so there's a lot of work to be done and he's focused on that work. >> good to see you. welcome back. >> i appreciate that. >> as you know, numerous moefbs congress over a period of a couple of years wrote the irs and asked if conservative groups were being targeted. those officials did not respond. if it turns out that most officials did know at the time that conservative groups were being or had been targeted, should those officials be punished? >> that goes into the -- the "if" phrasing is appropriate. if what we're seeing in some of these reports about specific targ targeting and actions taken by personnel in the irs turns out to be true, then people should be held accountable, and what that mean ps in concrete action, we'll have to see based on the information and the facts that are gathered principally by the inspector general. so you heard from the president yesterday. you heard the outrage that he conveyed at the reports of this kind of activity. >> potential outrage. you
who was in charge of enforcing the law is now breaking the law. a government agent discovered evidence of voting fraud in the past presidential election and buried the story. and a president we were all led to believe embodied hope, change, and maybe racial progress seems to be doing no actual governing, and now we have to wait all the way until september to find out what happens because, of course, the season finale of abc's drama scandal. not what's going on in washington. that's not to say washington hasn't seen its share of scandal. a president's election campaign whose donations had spying. an armed hostage situation. and a u.s. president who couldn't keep his pants zipped. now those are scandals. but what we're giving wall to wall coverage now, those stories that keep coming up in every press conference and committee hearing. you know them, ben gauz, the ip phone records. those are all political issues. are they because they are real bona fide scandals? no. you know how i know that? you have to look back at the most important republican sound bite of the past five years. >> our t
-- that you-- hitting you with a tax for not having health insurance. does the current irs scandal put the law in jeopardy? >> very good question. number two, wait until you hear what nancy pelosi is saying about obamacare now. does the constitution say that health insurance is a right? number three, senator john barrasso responds to the headlines from the irs and how that will affect obamacare. 10:45 this morning and one more obamacare headline next, health premiums are about to skyrocket. how much are they going to go up and what is going to be done about it? we'll deal with it next. (announcer) scottrade knowour clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybobody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrad voted "best investment services company." if you've got it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and man, you
, the rule of law. these are not easy things. is the constant wrestling match to try and arrive at the right place. principals and i am happy that we have been a part of paying tribute to someone who did so much to exemplify that and said take this complicated issue at a perilous time for our country and wrestle with them with great integrity and as general ashcroft says dollars transparency infidelity to the fuend scholars and nonce dollars. [laughter] , practitioners, and we cherish practitioners. participate in this program. thanks to all of you for joining us. i hope you come back again and again to these programs and we will have continuing discussions thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. [applause] >> we would like to here from you. tweet us your feedback. >> george michael argues that independent terrorists represent a new kind of warfare that will become far more prominent in the 21st century. mr. michael also speaks about the reason boston marathon bombings. this 45 minute program starts now on book tv. [applause] >> good afternoon. before i begin i want
resumes tuesday at 2 p.m. eastern. on the agenda this week, legislation to repeal the 2010 health care law and a bill requiring the securities and exchange commission conduct a cost benefit analysis before implementing new regulations. the senate is back today at 2 p.m. for morning business only. no roll call votes are expected. on tuesday work continues on the water infrastructure bill which authorizes dozens of flood protection, sewage and waterway improvement projects around the country. later in the week, a vote on president obama's pick to head the centers for medicare and medicaid services. live coverage of the house on c-span, the senate live on c-span2. >> host: well, "the communicators" is on capitol hill where the consumer electronics association is sponsoring ces on the hill showing some technology to members of congress and staff. be and we are joined by mark bowles of ecoatm. mr. bowles, what is this machine that we're looking at here? >> guest: this is the ecoatm. this will evaluate automatically your electronics and then pay you cash on the spots for them. >> host: so is it
of law, and we either abide by those or not to our peril. whether we agree with the citizens united ruling or not should not be a justification for this agency which is charged with upholding the rule will fall equitably for all people with all groups regardless of party affiliation or motive. specifically mr. miller i was troubled by your comment that you found this group of the inspector general's office calls at targeting to the inappropriate but not illegal to get i'm wondering if you can give me examples of other targeting that you are aware of that would be inappropriate but not illegal. sestak probably the congressman i should tell you that i don't know. it's my belief that what happened here wasn't illegal but i suppose that there are some factors that might come out that would indicate otherwise. but that's not my area. i don't know but it was inappropriate there is no question of that. we have used listings elsewhere of credit counseling organizations would be one of those that were used to pull the cases together to work in a consistent and fair manner. >> time is expired
and into the history books. >> wally taibleson. "the law show" let's hear it for wally taibleson, graduating with i masters in education from cal state san marcus yesterday and the oldest student in the cal state system and the oldest graduate the systems a's history. >> anytime you can devote to increasing your mind and increasing your learn is valuable for you. >> well, taibleson earned a cpa degree ands with a vice president for the national can corporation before he retired and, in fact, he didn't begin his college career until he was 70 it's never too late. >>> problems at the world's highest peak and what researchers discovered amount everest. >>> in other news of the world, tense moments aboard a commercial flight as the flight landing. >> unwanted houseguests and the trick intrawildlife agents used to lure a family of bob king 5s. the weekend is off to a nice start and coming up, how much warming you can expect for your sunday and we look at the bay to breakers weather. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you a
is a law of diminishing returns ow they may be appropriate but it goes well beyond common sense and does harm to businesses which means it does harm to job creation and real people. >> with the victs of government web site when man from granite city illinois who finally took action. >> granite city illinois suffered severe flooding nce the 1950's. more than once the white house to clear the area a disaster and the court issued study after study after study but yet they did nothing. >> a man cided to take a bold step he never thought working his own property would cost him almost everytng. >> what do you mean? >> he almost went barupt he could not develop the land over 23 years. >> you going to explain when he tried to obey the government's regulations the a told him he needed to get the permit. >> he invested another $200,000 to apply for this permit 40 years ago and the permit never arrived for 23 years later after buying the down at the end of his street he is on the verge of bankruptcy. what government does government intrusion make? for steve and his family, everything he. john: mor
. >> reporter: scenarios like this will soon be illegal. >> reporter: jessica thinks the law is a good thing. >> would you have your dog walked? >> no. the dog walker themselves wanted to have a professionalism associated with dog -- they were the one that pursued this. >> it would include the ability to manage a pet. the ability to break up dog fights. and which dogs that will work well together. >> i would let a dog walker that i trust walk my dog. >> reporter: the new law takes effect july 1st. reporting from san francisco. >> there are 120,000 to 150,000 dogs in the city and county. >>> it will be a nice day for dog walking or anything. you want to do outside. >> yeah maybe taking mom out. it will be a beautiful day around the bay area we have temperatures that are forecast to hit near 90 degrees inland today. we have plenty of sunshine. it's not starting out terribly sunny in san francisco and oakland. elsewhere around the bay there is some. looking toward the bay bridge it's brightening up along the span. 54 degrees at concord. san jose at 56. but for mother's day we're looking for sun
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